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Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

"Mitzi Johanknecht is an experienced law enforcement leader. I am impressed with her commitment to providing all deputies with de-escalation and crisis intervention training, as well as improving the less-lethal tools available to deputies, Mitzi also understands that developing trust with our many diverse communities, including immigrants and communities of color, is absolutely essential and the best prescription for ensuring community safety.”


Mitzi was rated "Outstanding" by the Municipal League of King County!

Endorsed by The Seattle Times!     Endorsed by The Stranger!


NARAL Pro-choice Washington

The Victory Fund Endorses Mitzi For Sheriff!

National Women's Political Caucus of Washington

Equal Rights Washington

31st King County Legislative District Democrats

43rd King County Legislative District Democrats

48th King County Legislative District Democrats

Elected Officials


Rebecca Saldaña, State Senate, 37th District

"I endorse Mitzi for King County Sheriff. Her background and commitment to inclusion in police-community relations is not only progressive but much-needed. Mitzi has the experience and community engagement we need in the King County Sheriff."

Ron Sims, former King County Executive and Deputy Secretary of HUD

"I support Mitzi"


Lori Sotelo, Chair, King County GOP

Megan Sheridan, Maple Valley City Council
Patricia Aitken, King County Superior Court Judge - Ret
Jean Godden, Retired Seattle City Council

Law Enforcement Executives and Commanders

Denise Turner-Sellers, Retired Division Chief (KCSO), Police Chief (Gilroy, CA)

"Mitzi Johanknecht is an outstanding leader with years of experience and achievement.  She has dedicated her life to public service and has a proven track record of fair and impartial policing of the residents of King County.  She is an excellent manager and has gained the trust and confidence of her subordinates, co-workers and colleagues in the County."

Carl Cole
Jessica Sullivan
Scott Somers
Bryan Howard
Jerrell Wills
DJ Nesel
Lisa Mulligan
Diana Neff

Individuals (so many now that I'm listing them alphabetically!)

Adele Matter
Alicia Lemieux Busch
Allie Belyaev
Angie Hughes
Anne Kroeker
Annette Dong
April Cook
Bob Baxter
Bruce Boram
Cathy Allen
Chad Magendanz
Christa Kriesel-Roth
Connie Aitken
Dan Cox
David Anderson
Dawn Mason
Debbie O'Riley
Deborah Senn
Ed Campbell
Elizabeth La Pley
Ethan Zinck
Ginna Brelsford
Gretchen Taylor
Helen Baxter
Helen Folsom, MA, CHT
Hilke Faber
Jane Abbott Lighty
Janice Michelletti
Janice Van Cleve
Jill Anderson
Joe Micheletti
John Engber
Johnny Hart
Joyce Hawkes, PhD
Judith Lonnquist
Julia R. Hill
Juliet Vong
Karen Cooper
Karen Heidergott
Kate McNaughton
Kathy Campbell
Kathy Sakahara
Ken O'Neal
Linda Kelly
Linda Mitchell
Liz Berry
Lorie Lucky
Lorrie McKay
Maggie Chillingworth
Maggie Humphreys
Mahjabin Qureshi
Malene Roberson
Mary Van Cleve
Max Wagner
Megan Besst
Minhui Zhang
Mona Das
Monisha Harrell
Morgan Beach
Nick Ravagni
Patti Rois Gibbons
Pete-e Petersen
Randi Abrams-Caras
Rene Murry
Richard Leeds
Robie Flannagan
Ross Marzolf
Samantha Casne
Samantha Hale
Sandy Clark
Sheri Vigglano
Siqi Gu
Sommer Ueda
Sonja Weaver- Madson
Sue Paules
Suone Cotner
Tami Micheletti
Tami Olson
Taylor Timinsky
Teresa Smith
Tessa Ravagni
Vicki Orrico
Will Prince


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